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Peter Loftin built up his EMPIRE from the back of a small office in North Carolina. He started selling portable phones business to business and knew that the potential for B2B telecom was enormous.

He built up his company into one of the largest telecom giants in the world and just recently stepped down from Business Telecom Inc (BTI) and began to pursue his interest in the arts and philanthropy.


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The Busness Journal excerpt:

"I wanted to spread that sense of generosity throughout the company. We've always felt the need to give to others that are less fortunate."

Ranked as:
"Top 25 Business People to Watch: New Leaders of the New Century"
"Haute Living Prestigious Haute 100"
"North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year"


Started company from back room selling portable telephones.


Purchased famous Casa Casaurina and transformed into exclusive restaurant and resort.


Works with his company to help train ports in anti terroism measures


$250 Million High Yield Bond Issue for Business Telecom Inc (BTI)

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American Red Cross: Board of Governors

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NC Museum of Science

peter loftin charity

Camp BTI: Boys and Girls Club of America Camp for Kids

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Oak Ranch Facility for Troubled Teens

peter loftin charity

Police Athletic League